5 kg Hydrolysed Rice Protein

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5 kg Hydrolysed Rice Protein

Product number: RMPR5KRICEHYD
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Product Description

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, Aqua (Water)


As a whole food, around 78% of rice is protein.  This powdered ingredient has been prepared by taking the rice, separating out the protein then breaking it down into smaller fractions that adhere better to the skin and hair.

All proteins are made from amino acids and amino acids can be separated out into different groups based on whether they are hydropholic (water hating), hydrophilic (water loving) or neutral.

The balance between the percentages of these amino acids helps us to understand how the protein will behave on the skin or hair. Hydrophilic amino acids can swell and thicken the hair cuticle and are generally better at hydrating the skin.  Hydrophobic amino acids are better at barrier formation either on the hair or skin.  They can mix in with our natural oils to build a stronger barrier and potentially protect the skin and hair from water damage.  Neutral amino acids are generally the bridges between the chemistry and typically perform roles of strengthening the skin and both strengthening and colouring the hair.

Hydrolysed Rice Protein contains the following amino acid groups:

Approx 33% Hydrophobic  (Keratin contains 39%)

Approx 47% Hydrophillic   (Keratin contains 34%)

Approx 20% Neutral         (Keratin contains 27%)

Use Levels: 1-5% As supplied.

Solubility:  Water Soluble.

Heat Stability: Excellent - can be added into the water phase of the formula prior to heating or can be added cold. 

pH Stability: The pH at which this protein is neutral is between pH 4.5-5.  Proteins form stronger bonds with the skin and hair when formulated at pH's below their neutral pH, this is partly because the proteins can adhere more strongly and partly because at lower pH's the protein becomes more water soluble.  We recommend formulating with this at pH around 3.8-4.2 to balance safety and efficacy.

NOTE: Hydrolysed Rice Protein is highly hygroscopic and readily absorbs ambient moisture. After opening, it is recommended to use all the content of the package as soon as possible.


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