Illuminate your personal space or retail world with our wide range of natural based and hand crafted candles, sure to appease all styles. Or if you're feeling crafty we offer all the ingredients needed to make your own creations.

Candle Accessories

All the accessories you need to make your own personalized candles

Soy Blend Glass Jar Candles

Scented candles possess the ability to transport us to various times and places, stimulating memories, creating moods, and enriching our surroundings. Their warm, radiant light and captivating fragrances can convert any area into a welcoming and snug space.

Tealight Candles

Tealight candles are a versatile essential for the candle lover. Ideal for essential oil diffusers, or to illuminate a space with one or one hundred candles.Available in paraffin, palm and beeswax.