Pure indulgence. Invigorate, pamper and improve your physical and mental wellbeing with our wide range of wellbeing products designed for both professional and personal use.

Aromatherapy Accessories

Accessories to help you enjoy the wide range of benefits of essential oils and therapies in your home, workplace and even car.


Our vast library of books will empower, intrigue and inspire you with a diverse range of information to enhance beauty, health and wellbeing. Step by step instructions on how to make your own skincare and soaps, Ayurvedic beauty, or essential oils and astrology are just some of the many subjects for you to explore.


Illuminate your personal space or retail world with our wide range of natural based and hand crafted candles, sure to appease all styles. Or if you're feeling crafty we offer all the ingredients needed to make your own creations.


Unfragranced incense sticks enable you to create your own mood enhancers. Add citrus notes to uplift, floral lavender to relax or rose to open the heart or whatever your preferred essential oil or fragrance. They burn for 50-60 minutes per stick.

Soap Making

Making your own soaps is the first step to greening your beauty routine. This time-honored craft is a simple and enjoyable process, and the creative possibilities are unlimited. We offer everything you need to make your own beautiful soaps, from raw materials to molds. Or alternatively you can enjoy our wide selection of already made soaps.