Our beautiful, pure healing clays are sourced both locally and internationally. They are brimming with nutrients and minerals are ideal for the spa experience. Historically clay has been employed to promote health and wellbeing, its properties touted to detoxify, heal and rejuvenate. Soap makers will also find these clays perfect additions to their products in replacement of synthetic colours.

Australian Clay

Australian clays have been employed by Indigenous Australian peoples since ancient times for sacred healing and ceremonial purposes. Free from toxins and naturally pure, they have been introduced to health and beauty industries throughout the world by New Directions.

French Argile Clay

An assortment of 5 different coloured clays each offering a variance in strength. Green is more drawing and best suited to oily skin, and pink offers a more gentle pull, suited to sensitive skin. Perfect for use in both body and face products.

Other Clays

Exotic clays to enhance your customized spa, skin and body care products. Ghassoul is a superfine, delicate, mineral rich clay and Zeolite clay, a super natural clay that attracts positively charged ions and neutralizes toxins.