Absolutes are highly concentrated extracts derived from plants or flowers and therefore are intensely rich in both plant constituents and fragrance. Although more expensive than essential oils, you'll find a little goes a long way. Unlike essential oils, that undergo a process of steam distillation to extract the essence of the plant, absolutes are yielded through the use of a solvent.

Beeswax - Absolutes

Boronia - Absolutes

Cassie Flower - Absolutes

Champaka Red - Absolutes

Champaka White - Absolutes

Cocoa - Absolutes

Frangipani - Absolutes

Geranium Leaf - Absolutes

Jasmine Grandiflorum - Absolutes

Jasmine Sambac - Absolutes

Labdanum - Absolutes

Lotus Pink - Absolutes

Lotus White - Absolutes

Oakmoss - Absolutes

Rose Bulgarian - Absolutes

Rose Damask - Absolutes

Rose Maroc - Absolutes

Rose Turkish - Absolutes

Spinach Leaf - Absolutes

Tuberose - Absolutes

Violet Leaf - Absolutes