Body, Hands & Feet

Body, Hands & Feet

Your body is your temple, and we have made it easy for you to care for and maintain it with our exceptional range of body products. From body cleansers to body butters and sun care, our products are designed to pamper, heal, restore and protect the skin and keep it feeling and looking soft and supple.


Bath and shower gel lift impurities while leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Bath - Sulphate-Paraben Free

If you're looking for a sulphate and paraben free alternative to your cleansing gel bases, these gentle formulations are the perfect solution.

Bath Milks

Take some time out to de-stress and luxuriate in your bathroom using one of our premier fragrant bath milks rich in skin softening milk proteins. You'll definitely want to languor for longer.

Bath Salts

Mineral rich Bath salts are a time honored treatment to relieve muscular discomfort, detoxify your skin and bring health and balance to your body. Infused with fragrant essential oils to uplift and bring calm to a busy mind.

Body Butters

A mixture of rich butters, vegetable oils and scents that create the perfect barrier balm, ideal to soothe and moisturize thirsty skin.

Body Custards

A super rich emollient suited to those with dry skin or for winter months when the skin becomes robbed of its natural oils.

Body Lotions

A light to medium textured moisturizer rich in vitamin E and sweet almond oil that soaks easily into the skin leaving no greasy residue. Ideal for daily use.

Body Milks

Providing a light layering over the skin, like a second skin, these delicious body milk's provide a touch of moisture, sheen and hydration, perfect for balmier summer months.

Body Oils

Discover the essence of silky skin with our Body Oils. Nourishing and hydrating, they leave your skin soft and radiant. Treat yourself to luxurious self-care.

Body Scrubs

Soft velvet skin is only a slough away with our pumice body scrub that gently lifts dead skin cells whilst the emollient base of natural oils ensures that the skin stays hydrated and replenished.

Foot Care

Take the load off your tired aching feet and treat them to an invigorating foot scrub followed by our rich, luscious foot balm infused with peppermint oil, both specially formulated to keep your tootsies feeling soft and re-energised.

Hand & Nail Care

The delicate skin on our hands lacks protective oils found in other areas of the body, and our nails and cuticles are susceptible to becoming brittle and ragged. Our hand products including hand cream, cuticle oil and paraffin wax provide you with everything you need to keep your hands and nails soft and conditioned and protected from the elements.

Sunless Tanning

Fast track your tan safely with our spray liquid tan. The easy and damage free way to attain that gorgeous sun kissed glow.