Our range of natural exfoliants available in varying textures from coarse to fine allows you to create products for all skin types and concerns including the body, face and even the most sensitive of skins. From finely ground pearl for the face, to salt, to larger particles for a more rigorous scrub, ideal for body.

Almond Meal Ground Face & Body Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Bamboo 200 Face Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Bamboo 500 Body Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Bamboo Superfine - Exfoliants

Brown Sugar Face & Body - Exfoliants

Cranberry Body 1000 - Exfoliants

Cellulose Beads Face & Body - Exfoliants

Coconut Body - Exfoliants

Coconut Face Fine Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Coffee Body - Exfoliants

Jojoba Beads Body - Uncoloured - Exfoliants

Jojoba Beads Face - Uncoloured - Exfoliants

Luffa Natural Face 30 - Exfoliants

Pumice Stone Granules Body - Exfoliants

Pumice Stone Superfine Face - Exfoliants

Rice Body 500 Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Rice Face 200 Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Rosehip Face Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Tea Tree Face & Body Exfoliant - Exfoliants

Walnut Face & Body Exfoliant - Exfoliants