Dispensing Systems

Dispensing Systems

Dispensing systems make product application a dream, and we offer a broad selection to suit your products. From atomizers to disc caps to lotion and serum pumps. Note: not all formulations suit dispensers. A thicker formulation may have trouble travelling through a pump to the orifice.

Dripolators and Plugs

Dripolators help dispense exact amounts from the bottle when your product requires a dosage. Ideal for dispensing essential oils.


Allowing for a smaller and more targeted application of product, our selection of quality eyedroppers range in sizes and teat colours.

Twist Nozzle Caps

The twist Nozzle Cap can be used for many applications. It is perfect for your hair treatment line. It can be used for your hair serum or hair oil, allowing users to apply the treatment directly to the hair. Ideal for hair masks, conditioners and other hair therapy treatments. You can use it to fill your little sample packs, wether you are filling our little vials, tijen pumps or serum ampoules, no more messing around. Just swap the cap of the bottle of your product with this one and you can fill up your sample packs!