Magic Power of Lavender

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Magic Power of Lavender

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M .Tisserand
The lavender plant has been known for centuries, and since time immemorial man has used lavender to relax, soothe and refresh. The scent of lavender, in a way, has permeated whole regions of Europe, contributing to their special character, and it has dominated perfumery for most of its history. To this very day lavender has remained one of the most popular and utilised of all fragrances.

This book introduces you to the delightful and enticing secrets of this plant and its essence, demonstrating its healing power, while also familiarising you with its long and fascinating history and presenting to you the places and people involved in its cultivation. The authors have asked doctors, holistic health practitioners, chemists, perfumers, and friends about their experience with the 'blue flower', and take this opportunity to share their own observations and experiences with you.

From many different viewpoints they demonstrate how lavender can play a vital part in giving you the additional strengh you need to get you through your stressful and demanding day.

Maggie Tisserand is the best selling author of Aromatherapy for Women; Monika Junemann manages her own company and is a successful writer. Her book Enchanting Scents also appeared in the Shangri-La series


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