2024 May - New Directions Packaging Newsletter

2024 May - New Directions Packaging Newsletter

Have you met New Directions Packaging?

New Directions Packaging (NDP) is the dedicated packaging arm of New Directions Australia, specialising in delivering premium packaging solutions, from conception all the way through to delivery. Catering to a wide range of business needs (from startups to large corporations) NDP offers a wide range of packaging essentials. From ready-to-go ecommerce items, through to bespoke boxes and bags, to custom skincare solutions, such as printed bottles, jars and tubes, and much more.

As part of the larger New Directions family, New Directions Packaging leverages the company's extensive experience and expertise in the skincare and cosmetics industry allowing NDP to deliver packaging solutions which exceed expectations and help your brand to stand out and cut through the competition.

Shop NDA's readily available, unbranded packaging HERE.

… and for more packaging options (custom and off-the-shelf) come and visit the new NDP website or reach out to us directly:


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