2024 February - From Burkina Faso : The Story o...

2024 February - From Burkina Faso : The Story of Our Shea Butter Collection!

Hello [Name,fallback=there], Get the complete insider story on or Shea Butter Collection. Take a peek inside.

Our supplier sources their shea kernel from Burkina Faso in West Africa and undergo refining at a state-of-the-art eco-refinery in France, ensuring top-tier quality.

 Established in Burkina Faso since 2008, our supplier has created a sustainable and fully integrated supply chain, which commences with the Shea fruit's collection by thousands of local women in rural areas. This commitment transcends operational excellence and extends to community engagement, with our supplier having built lasting, inclusive partnerships with more than 28,000 Shea collectors in the region.

Their emphasis on integrated supply chains at the local level substantially reduces the carbon footprint of their production. Shea, a crucial component of this chain, holds profound social and economic significance in rural areas, where women undertake the important role of harvesting and processing Shea fruit.

Between May and August, they meticulously collect fallen fruit from the ground and proceed through various steps to obtain the precious Shea kernels, involving the removal of the delectable pulp to reveal the nut, which is then boiled, sun-dried, and meticulously shelled. Subsequently, the acquired kernel undergoes further sun-drying before being distributed for sale or transformed into butter. This shea serves as an invaluable additional income source for countless women in rural Burkina Faso, bestowing upon them a newfound sense of economic independence.

Shea Butter
  • Highly moisturising.

  • Rich in fatty acids such as oleic and stearic acids making it effective in softening and smoothing the skin.

  • Non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.

  • Well known to be enriched with vitamins A and E for antioxidant protection.

Certified Organic
Shea Butter Refined*

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Shea Butter

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Certified Organic
Lip Balm Natural*

Our Certified Organic Lip Balm has been formulated using a rich blend of oils, butters, waxes and Vitamin E to help nourish and protect the lips from harsh environmental conditions.

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After Sun
Cooling Lotion

Manufactured to deliver soothing effects and replenish moisture to the skin after sun exposure - The blend of nourishing and hydrating ingredients helps in repairing sun damage, while effectively reducing redness and inflammation.

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Body Custard –
Ultra Gentle Range

Highly nourishing moisturiser for sensitive and delicate skin that is also dry or prone to dryness - Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter along with Natural Vitamin E and Sunflower, Jojoba and Avocado Oils enhance this rich emollient base promoting maximum hydration of the skin.

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Aloe Vera Rejuvenating Moisturiser with Marine Collagen

This moisturiser offers a range of skin benefits, including promoting collagen synthesis for youthful skin, providing nourishment and supporting the skin's lipid barrier while soothing, and protecting the skin.

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Moisturiser -

We've harnessed the power of aloe vera and rich sources of essential fatty acids and antioxidants for ultimate hydration and skin protection.

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Body Custard


Rich emollient base that can be used on its own as a moisturiser or as a base for creating your own rich emollient creams or lotions.

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Beautiful oil-in-water cream emulsion that we have specially made to offer maximum hydration of the skin in a rich, smooth and light-weight moisturiser.

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Men’s Aftershave
Skin Balm Lotion

To soothe redness and irritation, this quick absorbing and smooth balm comforts freshly shaven skin and the long lasting moisturiser provides that silky feel once dried.

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Conditioner –

Blend of conditioning additives with strengthening and shine functions in a thick cream base.

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Hand Cream –

This light weight aromatic cream has been formulated to help rejuvenate and nurture mature and tired hands.

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Hydrating Foot
& Leg Lotion

Hydrates and softens the skin, drying down give an ultra-smooth, velvet touch.

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Eye Cream –

Formulated using some of the most nourishing and regenerative ingredients to help combat the delicate ageing process.

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*Certification number: ACO 10282P
**86% Organic Total & 99% Natural Origin Total