Rich Luxurious Hand Cream Recipe

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Rich Luxurious Hand Cream Recipe



  • Rich Luxurious Hand Cream


  • Container to put the cream in (we recommend using the Tottle rap 50ml or 100ml)


  • Melt the waxes, oils and butters together in a double boiler (= Oil phase)
  • Heat water to 70-75 °C (or boil water and let it cool to 70-75 °C )
  • Add the heated water to the oil phase.
  • Blend with a stick blender for about 2 minutes (try to avoid to get too much air in there)
  • Let it rest, then blend every 10 minutes until temperature cools to 42-44 °C
  • This mixture should still be quite pourable.
  • Add the preservative and fragrance and give it one final blend
  • Put your cream in the container.
  • The cream will be ready to use after 24hrs when it has set
Ingredients Approx. Volume
Avocado Oil 10ml
Macadamia Oil 24ml
Demineralised Water 198ml
Certified Organic Honey 14g
Emulsifying Wax Vegetable 14g
Stearic Acid 8.5g
Vitamin E Synthetic or Vitamin E Natural 2g or1.5g
Beeswax Pastilles 5g
Cocoa Butter 8g
Mango Butter 8g
Preservatice of your choice (Plantaserve E is recommended) 3g
Fragrant or Essential Oil of your choice 1.5ml