Hydrating Cream Mud Mask Recipe

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Hydrating Cream Mud Mask Recipe



  • Hydrating Cream Mud Mask


  • Heat water to 80C° and add aloe, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Mix until hydrated.
  • While mixing add the clay and continue stirring until the clay is fully wetted and mixed into the water.
  • In a separate container heat phase 3 until melted.
  • Add phase 3 into phase 1+2 with mixing to form an emulsion/ cream.
  • Once cooled below 45°C add phase 4 with gentle mixing.
Phase Ingredients Percentage Function
A Water 60.3 Carrier
  Aloe Powder 0.1 Soothing agent
  Glycerin 3 Humectant/ Moisturiser
  Hyaluronic Acid Powder 0.1 Humectant/ Super Hydrator
  Acacia and Xanthan Gum 1 Thickener/ Stabiliser
  Ivory Australian Clay 14 Mild and gentle clay to help lock in hydration
  Pastel Pink Clay 1 Gentle mineral enriched clay for skin balancing.
  Rice Bran Oil 10 Main emollient
  Shea Butter 4 Emollient for rich skin feel
  Emulsifying Wax Olive Derived 5 Emulsifier to hold oil and water together.
  Plantaserv E 1 Preservative
  Perfume 0.5 Aroma as per your wishes.
  Total 100