Ghassoul Clay Face Wash Recipe

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Ghassoul Clay Face Wash Recipe



  • A non-foaming, cleansing liquid lotion for the face or body which gently exfoliates and tones the surface of this skin. This recipe utilises the nutritive & oil absorbing properties of the prestigious Ghassoul Clay suitable for most skin types.


  • 200mL Jug or Beaker
  • 100mL Measuring Cup or Beaker
  • Spatula or small whisk
  • 2 x 50mL Rap Tottle bottles
Phase Ingredients Weight Approx. Volume
A Ghassoul Clay Powder 30g 2 tablespoons
  Neroli Organic Floral Water 80g 80mL
  Jojoba Oil Australian water dispersible 10.5g 1 tablespoon
  Palmarosa Essential Oil 0.3g 10 drops;
  Frankincense Essential Oil 0.3g 10 drops
  Chamomile 3% in Jojoba Oil 0.3g 10 drops
  Grapefruit Seed Extract 1g 1 mL
  Vitamin E Natural 0.6g 1 mL
  Total 123g 100ml



  • Mix Phase A together in the large jug/beaker
  • Mix Phase B together in the 100mL cup/beaker
  • Add phase B to phase A and mix well together until it becomes a smooth, dense, liquid consistency
  • Carefully pour equal amounts into each of the 50mL Rap Tottle bottles
  • Insert the dispenser plug then cap and label the bottles
  • Keep one bottle on the bathroom vanity & one in the shower

Directions For Use:

  • Shake well before each use.
  • Wet the skin
  • Apply the desired amount of the Ghassoul cleansing liquid, avoiding the eye area
  • Massage with wet fingertips
  • Wash off well with warm water
  • Follow with a good spritzing of Neroli Floral Water to hydrate the skin
  • Apply an emollient moisturiser to lock the moisture in


  • For immediate use. Store in a cool environment away from direct sunlight & use within a few weeks. If extended storage is required, please ensure adequate levels of preservatives,antioxidants or other additives according to your individual requirements.