Eye Regeneration Mask Recipe

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Eye Regeneration Mask Recipe



  • Pat around eye area- use product once a week to keep eye area looking fresh and hydrated.


  • New Directions Eye Regeneration Mask base approx 50grams
  • Vitamin E 3 drops
  • Rosehip oil 5 drops
  • Strawberry fruit extract 2 drops
  • Raspberry fruit extract 3 drops
  • Jasmine essential oil 1 drop


  • Blend in the rosehip and vitamin E oil using a wooden or plastic spatula
  • Add in fruit extracts and essential oil
  • Whip products together using wooden or plastic spatula- this keeps the formula light and fluffy
  • Pat around eye area using ring finger
  • Leave on for approximately 15 minutes
  • Rinse off with water
  • Use eye moisturizing cream as per normal
  • Use this once a week to keep eye area nourished, or use when tired (or hung over)


  • Try a test patch on the inside of your upper arm if you are unsure how sensitive your skin may be to the product.
  • Discontinue use if you find your eyes water, sting or are irritated in any way.
  • Essential oil can be taken out of recipe or substituted for another if preferred.