Calm and Relax Mist Recipe

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Calm and Relax Mist Recipe



  • A gentle essential oil mist designed to help create a sense of deep relaxation. May be of benefit to feelings of anxiety, depression and to aid a restful sleep. Can be sprayed directly on the body, used as an air freshener or to scent bed linen.


  • Bowl or measuring jug (at least 150ml capacity)
  • Small beaker (50ml)
  • Spatula
  • Measuring spoons
  • Glass funnel
  • 100ml plastic or glass bottle
  • Atomiser
Phase Ingredients Percentage/ Volume
A Demineralised Water 91%/91ml
  PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil 5%/5ml
  Lavender Mont Blanc essential Oil 0.9%/18 drops
  Bergamot Extra essential Oil 0.9%/18 drops
  Neroli Essential Oil 3% Dilution 0.15%/3 drops
  Melissa Leaf Essential Oil 0.05%/1 drop
C   1%/1ml
  Plantaserve P (Preservative) 1%/1ml
  Total 100ml



  • Add phase A to bowl or measuring jug large enough to hold total volume of product
  • Mix phase B together in small beaker
  • Add phase C to Phase B While mixing with spatula
  • Add combined phase B, C to Phase A while mixing with spatula
  • Add phase D to batch while mixing with spatula and mix for a minimum of 20 minutes
  • Pour into bottle (using funnel) and screw on atomizer to seal. Leave for 24 hours to allow fragrance to blend and mature


  • For the most accurate measuring use a laboratory scale and/or a laboratory pipette (5ml glass pipette with rub teat).

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