Balancing Act Simple Hair Conditioner Recipe

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Balancing Act Simple Hair Conditioner Recipe



  • Life is all about balance! As you condition your hair with this recipe, your bathroom will be filled with the aroma of fresh Hyssop Oil and uplifting Rose Geranium Oil. Breathe deeply and feel the pressures of life melt away with renewed confidence to face the day! These two oils have powerful nervine properties.


  • 250 ml beaker / measuring glass
  • 5ml measuring pipette
  • Small spatula / mixing rod
  • 250ml PET Bottle (24mm neck)
  • Disc Cap to fit


  • Measure out the Conditioner Base.
  • Add the Essential Oils.
  • Stir well until completely mixed.
  • Pour into a 250mL PET bottle (use the spatula to help pour).
  • Seal with a Disc Cap & Label.
Phase Ingredients Amount Approx Weight
A Organic Conditioner Base 250ml 247g
  Rose Geranium Essential Oil 2.50ml 1.63g
  Hyssop Essential Oil 1.25ml 1.00g
  Total 253.75ml 249.63g


Directions for use:

  • Use as a normal conditioner.


  • For domestic use. If extended storage is required, please ensure adequate levels of preservatives, antioxidants or other additives are used according to your individual requirements.


  • Avoid use if: Pregnant, Epileptic, suffering from High Blood Pressure.