Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Recipe

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Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Recipe



  • An exquisite and sensual massage oil capturing the finest of the aphrodisiac essential oils. Made with water dispersible sweet almond and jojoba oils to leave your skin silky soft (and washes easily out of your linen!).


  • Glass bottle preferably amber or cobalt blue coloured 100ml capacity
  • Lid
  • Glass beaker or jug minimum 150ml capacity
  • Small beaker 25ml/50ml capacity or empty essential oil bottle
  • Spatula
  • Measuring spoons and/or laboratory glass pipette
  • Glass funnel
Phase Ingredients Percentage Volume
A Jasmine Sumbac 3% Dilution Essential oil 1% 20 drops
  Ylang Ylang 1st Essential oil 0.65% 13 drops
  Vanilla Co2 3% Dilution Essential oil 0.15% 3 drops
  Sandalwood East Indian Essential oil 0.15% 3 drops
  Cardamon Essential oil 0.05% 1 drop
B Sweet Almond Oil water dispersible 50% 50ml
  Jojoba Oil Australian water dispersible 47% 47ml
C Vitamin E Natural 1% 1ml
Total     100ml



  • Add Phase A to small beaker or empty essential oil bottle in the following order: Sandalwood; Vanilla Co2 3% dilution; Ylang Ylang; Jasmine 3% dilution; Cardamon. NB. For a superior aroma allow essential oil blend to sit for 24hours (covered) to allow fragrance to mature.
  • Add phase B to 150ml beaker and stir with spatula.
  • Add phase A to Phase B stir with spatula.
  • Lastly, add Phase C and stir.
  • Decant into bottle using funnel and seal with lid.

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