Nurture Hair with a Natural Haircare Line

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Nurture Hair with a Natural Haircare Line

Millions of consumers around the world are now demanding high quality natural haircare products that care for their hair and are also gentle on the environment. It's a smart time for businesses to start a Private Label Natural Haircare line.

The saying goes that our hair is our "crowning glory" and for many it is our precious hair that bears the stress of the daily use of hair dyes, blow-drying, hair straighteners and chemical styling products such as gels, waxes and hair sprays. These all take a toll on the condition of our hair.

Our hair needs to be cared for and all too often mainstream haircare products may produce results, but are often jam-packed with chemical nasties that are harmful to the environment and are probably not so good for us as well.

How To Start Your Own Private Label Natural Haircare Line

If you're a haircare professional or someone that has been wanting to start their own line of quality natural haircare products, it can be daunting knowing where to start.

The good news is that you don't have to be a cosmetic chemist to create your own natural haircare line, you just need have the right base to start from:

1. Identify your target market - do your research and decide on the niche market that your natural haircare products are for. Are they created for a specific hair type, age group, gender, or specific treatment requirements?

2. Create your dream natural haircare products - this is the fun part! Based on your target market, choose from the many wonderful natural raw materials and essential oils or fragrant oils that you would like your natural haircare line to feature.

These days there are a multitude of nourishing and enriching natural ingredients available for natural haircare products such as:

3. Start with an Unscented Base and create your own unique fragrance - If you don't have the time or the resources to create your own natural haircare products from scratch, you can simply start by using an unscented base haircare product.

Then just add your own signature fragrances by selecting from your preferred essential oils or fragrant oils, creating your own unique Natural Haircare Range:

  • Shampoo Vitanourish - Paraben & Sulphate Free - mild, gentle and highly moisturising shampoo
  • Light Conditioning Shampoo - Suited to condition hair that is normal to oily
  • Shampoo for Coloured Hair - A mild shampoo specifically designed for colour treated hair
  • Shampoo for Dry Scalp and Dandruff - This formula contains ProVitamin B5 which conditions the hair and helps improve the health of the scalp
  • Concentrated Hair Conditioner - Featuring Keratin, this conditioner strengthens, repairs and deeply conditions hair
  • Conditioner Base Paraben & Sulphate Free - An excellent conditioner suited to all hair types
  • Conditioner for Dry Scalp and Dandruff - A mild yet nourishing hair conditioner which may help prevent dry, flaky skin and potential dandruff
  • Conditioner for Coloured Hair - A light, protective conditioner designed for colour treated hair

4. Consult with an expert - If you want to maximize your natural haircare line's opportunity for success, consult with a professional Manufacturer such as New Directions.
You will gain immense value from their experience and the expertise of their team of experts such as Chemists, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Packaging, Design and Manufacturing Managers

5. Do the numbers - every business has to be profitable to survive and prosper. Get financial advice if this is not already a strong area.

6. Make a plan - Set up a realistic timeframe to launch your business and create a plan of your short, medium and long-term goals.

Kylie Drury

10 Sep 2010

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