New Directions to Support Your Business Growth

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New Directions to Support Your Business Growth

Support, Education, Motivation and a great cup of coffee

As a business owner you can sometimes find yourself feeling alone, out of your depth and in need of a shoulder to cry/ laugh or just talk openly on about the challenges and triumphs that surround you. Over the last twenty years New Directions have helped thousands of people start up and grow their own personal care brands and related businesses and now that it is your turn we want you to know that we are here to help.

The fast paced cosmetic and beauty industry is an exciting and dynamic sector in which to operate but it can become overwhelmingly complex thanks to health and safety laws and regulations, product performance requirements and the need to know a little bit about a lot of things. Starting up a new brand is also a costly venture and one which can take three to five years to see a financial return from – if you do well and with so much at stake it is important to feel well supported and in control.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a small business:

  • Employs less than 20 people
  • Principle decision making is by the owners/managers who also contribute directly to the operating capital.

Figures from 2006 show that there were approximately 1,646,344 small business operators of which :

  • 68% were male and 32% female.
  • 58% were aged between 30-50, 33% older than 50 and 9% younger than 30.
  • On average the business owner worked full-time hours (35 hours or more) 67% .


New Directions prides itself on being an inclusive, friendly and accessible place to do business. We invest heavily in the education and support of our customers and believe strongly that with the right help and guidance the world is your oyster so let's look at our TOP TEN things on offer to the small cosmetics business owner:

1) Education

With the average life span of a cosmetic product being five years and the whole industry being driven by fashion, innovation is key. However, we understand that before you can innovate your formulations you have to understand and as such have a range of workshops available to enable you to get hands-on with what's hot and happening in the world of cosmetic science. Our weekend workshops provide business owners and brand developers with a chance to meet our highly qualified and motivated support team and try out new ingredients, manufacturing techniques and formulations. Aside from our technical support we also offer assistance with business planning and brand development in our Private Label Interactive course, perfect for start-ups or those of you looking for a motivational boost. Finally our soap and candle making workshops will give you all of the skills needed to create anything from beautiful hand-made gifts to a professional retail brand. Let your imagination run wild.

2)Virtual Help Desk.

One of the most frustrating things for small business owners is the inability to drop everything and run off in search of support and answers. Sometimes even finding the time and money for training is enough to send a frantic business owner into melt-down and for that reason we introduced the virtual help desk. Manned by trained and experienced cosmetic chemists our desk is open and waiting your call! We answer questions about our ingredients, regulations, formulating, trouble shooting manufacturing problems, stability and efficacy testing and it's all available to you, for free at the touch of a button.

3) All Things Packaging and Design.

Whether you want to find out what is the best packaging choice for your serum or need to get labels designed for your new product range we can help. Our in-house designer can work with you to develop a unique identity and story for your beauty brand and then help you realize your plans by networking you with packaging and labeling suppliers and printers to suit your exact requirements. New Directions also carries a wide range of packaging in stock to help you manage your cash flow and lead times during your start-up phase. Once your brand has grown and developed further we can organize custom made and printed packaging to free up your time for sales and marketing activities!

4 ) Information Resource Centre.

Whether you are looking to get your information delivered virtually or prefer the human touch we can help. MSDS, Certificates of Analysis, technical articles and starter recipes can be downloaded from our website with a click of a button. If you can get to our showroom our technical and business development team can be booked for one-on-one appointments to enable you to talk through your specific business ideas, problems or requirements.

5) Manufacturing.

While other suppliers just sell ingredients, we know ingredients. Why, because much of what we sell is used at our manufacturing plant underneath the Sydney showroom. As such we have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to make a product that really works and can advise you honestly and authentically about your brand development. With manufacturing batches starting as low as 50Kg and rising to over 1000Kg bulk, an experienced Q&A team and an organically certified operating environment we have got your small business covered.

6) Flexible Customizable Bases.

Our bases have been the foundations of many brands over the last twenty years and with so many great products on offer, the hardest decision you need to make is which ones to choose. Our bases take some of the pressure out of starting your own brand, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture in those critical early stages.

7) Formulation Development.

Once you are confident that you know what you want we can help make your formulation dreams a reality.Whether you just want to make some adjustments to our bases or wish to create something truly innovative our team can help.

8)Stability Testing.

Ensuring that your products are safe and stable is key to a brands success and we can help! Our in-house stability testing facility can ensure that your products go the distance and continue to look good and perform month after month.

9) Inspiration and Support.

Sometimes all you need is time to sit and think and what better place to do that than the New Directions showroom. Our beautifully designed Art Deco building is situated only a short walk from the Marrickville railway station and is only a 15 minute taxi ride from the airport. Our showroom staff are always willing to talk you through our range and share their knowledge and passion with you. They make good coffee too...

10) Our Social Network.

When you start a business everyone tells you about the financial pitfalls, the long hours and the need to learn a lot quickly. What people don't talk about is the huge pull on your emotional energy and the feeling of isolation that can sometimes follow. New Directions is the ultimate in social companies and as such we want to invite you to not only engage with us on facebook but also in real life. Our annual open day is a free, fun and information packed day held to facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas and to further develop that feeling of community.

So, if you are lacking in direction, we have a new one for you to try and it's only a click or quick trip away. New Directions is the place where your cosmetic fairytales become reality so come along and let's make it work together.

Amanda Foxon-Hill

9 March 2012

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