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Introducing The Actives Cheat Sheet and How to Get The Most Out of It

When it comes to formulating a good, honest cosmetic product there are three formulating components to consider:

  1. Is the base optimised for my purposes (stable, feels good, helps do the job)?
  2. Have I achieved a usable shelf life and a safe product?
  3. Have I added ingredients that will help back up what I'm claiming for my product?
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How Do I Know How Much Active to Add?

The thinking cosmetic chemists dilemma...

You want your products to work but can't afford to test them so what do you do? The only thing you can do is look at what has been done before, look at what you have got and do a bit of calculating.

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Going Professional with Actives

While there are no specific legal requirements for spa products to be extra-strength there is a market expectation that products used in a professional setting will bestow amazing results to the pamperee in double quick time (for a small investment...).While that all sounds great it does leave the self-sufficient product making spa owner with a few questions:

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