Paper Bags

Paper Bags

Bags are an important part for both the retail and marketing side of your business. They offer a practical and aesthetic service to your customers, but also provide an invaluable advertising platform for your brand.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Using the most innovative and contemporary manufacturing technology means that being environmentally friendly no longer compromises product quality. Our Kraft paper bags are 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable and are also among the most durable Kraft paper bags on the market. They can be dressed up to look high end or you can play on their earthy feel - depending on your branding needs.

Coloured Gloss Bags

For a high gloss finish, the rainbow of colours available in these bags is only limited by your imagination. Make your brand stand out in the crowd with a vivid red, a fuscia pink or aqua blue.

Coloured Kraft Bags

Our coloured kraft bags available in a variety of delightful colours, without the gloss. To give a textured variance to these naturally finished bags, why not emboss your logo. 100% recyclable.

White Kraft Bags

White is the ideal canvas to bring out the punch of your logo or brand name. Decorate it in wild colours, or keep it simple and clean, you can't go wrong with white as a starting point. Available in different sizes and styles. Fully recyclable.