Company Background

Company Background

New Directions Australia - Essential Oils Wholesaler

Expanding Horizons

Over time, the New Directions collection moved beyond essential oils and raw materials to include skin care manufacturing and products; as always, developed with a governing ethos of environmental awareness. And soon, as the consumer demand changed and expanded with the cultural embracing of natural/organic products and a wellbeing lifestyle, New Directions evolved, too. The company now offered an innovative range of home spa and wellbeing products, accessories, and even literature. It also began manufacturing stylish and practical bottles and caps, nurturing versatility and allowing a personal connection between the consumer or business and the essential product.

Understanding People

Understanding and believing in the underlying nature of its products and services being one of lifestyle and sensory - for some, even spiritual - experience, the company has recently developed a more interactive environment, creating an onsite showroom that must to be experienced to be believed. And further bringing you into the picture, recognizing a growing demand within society that for many is a strange, yet exciting, new world, there is now a wide range of workshops and courses, taught by experienced and trained professionals, combining creativity, learning and a lot of weekend fun!

Pushing Boundaries

Alongside this, it has pushed technical, industrial and scientific boundaries, driven by a desire to not simply exist on the forefront of natural and organic oils and skincare, but to be responsible for where that forefront lies at any present moment in the contemporary advances and evolution of this very special industry. The industry itself has long regarded New Directions as the driving force behind overall price reductions within the field, as well as the company responsible for opening the smaller consumer market within the industry by dropping minimum invoice quantities (taking orders as low as 500g for bases and 6ml for oils). In other words, New Directions is compelled to lead. And it does.

Naturally Forward

Today, the New Directions customer database consists of over 50,000 consumers and businesses, servicing everyone from home shoppers to some of the most trusted and respected companies in the world. The company also notably features one of the most impressive online shopping systems in cyberspace and an advanced ordering and delivery system that is second to none. And with a constant focus on customer service and a respect for the varying kinds of customers across its mammoth outreach, it is also immensely proud of its interactive, friendly and informative sales team who are always willing to help - whether by phone, or in person at our Marrickville showroom. Whether you're a curious shopper with little experience in the world of natural aromatherapy and cosmetics, someone thinking about approaching your local market with an innovative small business idea, or a large company with a superior reputation demanding a partnership of the highest quality, New Directions can take you where you want to be. Going our way?