2023 December - All About Argan Oil

2023 December - All About Argan Oil

Hello there, Join us on a journey into the world of our exquisite argan oils!

The Argan tree, known for its spiny appearance as the “Tree of Life”,
is found exclusively in southwestern Morocco.

This unique region hosts over 21 million argan trees, covering more than 800,000 hectares. Argan trees can reach a height of 8 to 10 metres, with some exceptional specimens living up to 200 years.

This native species typically starts producing fruit at around five years of age and reaches its peak production capacity after approximately two decades. The tree plays a vital role in local ecosystems and helps prevent soil erosion.

Harvesting the Argan fruit is a time-honoured Berber tradition, exclusively performed by women. The techniques for extracting Argan oil are rooted in ancient wisdom, handed down from mothers to daughters over generations.


Argan Oil contains a high level of
Oleic acid and Linoleic Acid which:


•  Play a vital role in enhancing the skin's protective barrier.

•  Can impart a healthy shine to hair and seal in essential moisture.

•  Relatively mild odour which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Argan Virgin Process

Argan Refined Certified
Organic Vegetable Oil*

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Argan Virgin Certified
Organic Vegetable Oil*

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Conditioner - Unscented Professional Base:

This conditioner combines natural oils and vitamins for a super-silky hair finish.

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Argan Oil
Hair Serum:

Ideal for heat damaged, coloured and dry hair as the nourishing and conditioning properties of the Argan oil helps repair and revitalise the hair leaving it silky, shiny and smooth.

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Hair Mask Unscented:

Can be used in place of your regular conditioner or can be used as an intensive treatment mask or even as a leave-in for extra dry or curly hair.

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*Certification number: ACO 10282