Sahara Essential Oil Diffuser

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Sahara Essential Oil Diffuser

Product number: ACCEODSAH


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Product Description

Our new Sahara Essential Oil Diffuser acts as an aroma diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, ioniser and a night lamp. With no heating element there is no fire hazard and is safe to touch. It operates for 6-10 hours, has an automatic switch off function and is a great addition to your salon, spa, home and/or office.

Advanced ultrasonic waves at a high frequency of 1,700,000 times/seconds diffuse the water with essential oils into tiny molecules, producing an elegant mist, releasing the essential oils in their 100% purest form and enhancing the effect of aromatherapy. NO HEATING INVOLVED!!!

  • Remove the top from the diffuser
  • Fill the diffuser with water to the max. water level line (do not exceed the maximum water level, as the diffuser will not work)
  • Add 3-5 drops only of essential oil
  • Replace the lid on the diffuser
  • Press once to turn the device on. The light will flow slowly from one colour into another
  • Press again to hold a specific colour
  • Press a third time to turn the light off
  • Press again to switch the device off entirely
  • Use a clean swab or cloth to clean the unit

Operation time: 6-10 hours.
Water load: 150ml (just below the line).
Safety Feature: The built-in water level sensor avoids operation under insufficient or no water.
Adaptor: 24V Voltage - Adaptor meets all Australian requirements.
Warranty: One year warranty (conditions apply).

1 x Sahara Essential Oil Diffuser Diffuser
1 x 24V Adaptor


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