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Life is sensory. The true way to experience New Directions' extensive range of natural affordable, environmentally friendly products is to bring your five senses to our Marrickville showroom! Our professional, friendly sales team will attend to your every need - whether you're a novice needing guidance through a new world of natural products & ingredients, one of our loyal customers and friends or a large company searching for inspiration and solutions.

Our showroom features testers of the entire New Directions collection of oils, skincare and natural raw materials to mention a few. Experience the scents of our unparalleled range of essential oils. Sample the quality of our Certified Organic products. Browse our carefully selected range of aromatherapy and wellbeing literature. Receive complimentary advise from our in-house cosmetic chemists. Consult with our contract manufacturing experts so that we can bring your dreams of your own range to fruition. See the beauty and skill of our packaging & design team (including bags, bottles and wrapping), and peruse some of our most prestigious work. Chat to someone who understands not only the delicate details of our products, but the needs and requirements of your busy lifestyle or business.

We've created the perfect environment to accentuate products designed to enliven and enrich your mind, body and soul; carefully balancing warm, sensuous decor, a soothing contemporary soundscape, the freshest and finest complimentary coffee blends and herbal teas. Arouse your senses, and let them guide you to a place perhaps you never knew you wanted to discover. There's really no better way to experience this unique product range and to step into the very informed lifestyle it has ushered in for millions around the world. Drop into our showroom for a browse and tune out from your daily routine on an aromatic, stimulating and wonderfully unexpected journey that is limited only by the imagination.