Milk Chocolate Cream Recipe

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Milk Chocolate Cream Recipe



  • Milk chocolate cream - light tan colour with deep chocolate odour
  • A luxurious, chocolaty body custard enriched with walnut oil and cranberry extract for deep skin conditioning. Walnut oil is a great source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 and Cranberry Extract contains a range of antioxidants for skin protection.


  1. Weigh your Body Custard out into a clean laboratory beaker.
  2. In a separate container weigh out your walnut oil, vanilla and cocoa. Depending on the weather, the cocoa CO2 may be solid or liquid. If it is solid you can gently heat this mixture in a water bath to facilitate mixing. If all ingredients are liquid you can mix them without further warming.
  3. Add the aroma and oil into the body custard and mix well with a spatula.
  4. Add the cranberry extract and mix well.
  5. Add the Thermolat® ingredient and mix well.
  6. Pop into a container and store ready for use.


  • The Thermolat® can make the skin feel hot, it will not actually burn the skin, it is just interacting with your nerve impulses. However, care should be taken to not handle this ingredient with bare hands and to avoid the eye area as you may feel like this ingredient is stinging. The heating effect feeling will vary from person to person with some people feeling it very strongly and others not much at all. The heating sensation is typically felt more strongly on more delicate skin (back of neck, stomach etc than on the skin of the arms and legs. Take care when heating the fragrance component, do not use an open flame, only heat gently to around 40-50°C max using a water bath. This is just to soften the Cocoa butter. Always test a small sample of the product before using it all over. While these products may smell like they are edible we do not recommend ingesting them.
Ingredient % Purpose
Unscented Body Custard 95.4 Rich emollient moisturiser base.
Walnut Oil 1.5 Deep skin conditioning oil with anti-inflammatory benefits
Vanilla 10 Fold Oil 0.3 Rich, sweet, natural aroma.
Cocoa CO2 0.3 Total chocolate indulgence.
Cranberry Extract 2 Antioxidant rich extract for skin protection.
Thermolat® 0.5 Creates a warming sensation on the skin.
Total 100