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As wonderful as natural oils are their beauty doesn't last forever and over time they can become smelly and flat looking. You may have noticed that some seem to suffer this fate more quickly than others and you would be right, it's all to do with the chemistry you see!
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jul 04, 2012
Have you ever wondered why us cosmetic chemist types insist on putting silk and stuff into your skin creams and hair products? I'm sure that the thought has crossed your mind once or twice but for most of us the association between silk and silky smooth soft skin/ hair says it all but is that really all there is to it?
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Apr 12, 2012
As a business owner you can sometimes find yourself feeling alone, out of your depth and in need of a shoulder to cry/ laugh or just talk openly on about the challenges and triumphs that surround you. Over the last twenty years New Directions have helped thousands of people start up and grow their own personal care brands and related businesses and now that it is your turn we want you to know that we are here to help...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Mar 09, 2012
If this was the year when your New Years Resolution was to own your own skincare brand then you've come to the right place! The team at New Directions have helped thousands of people's cosmetic dreams come true whether it be a parent wanting to make their kids bubble bath, doting dog lover wanting to perfume their pooches bed with lavender room spray or the next Anita Roddick we've seen and helped them all!
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jan 24, 2012
Was it the alluring aroma? The velvety touch or the way that your skin shimmered under the light that made you fall in love? When it comes to cosmetics it's not only how it makes you look that matters and so it is worth paying attention to the aesthetics, feel and aroma of your latest love affair. Welcome to the place where science meets art – sensory evaluation!
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Nov 28, 2011
Every dreamt of having your own cosmetic range? Feel that your nine-to-five has become less about go-getting and more about wishing that the boss would get-up-and-go? Then why not do it? Getting into the beauty business has never been easier...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Oct 10, 2011
Australia, land of the parched mouth, wrinkled brow, squinting eyes and fly-flapping hands. This is a land of endless beauty, opportunity and space but it is also a land that leaves your complexion needing a little TLC. So what's a girl (or guy) to do?
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Sep 08, 2011
We say that beauty is only skin deep but we also say that we are not to judge a book by its cover. Further, we understand the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" to be true while remaining open to the existence of a universal beauty - a beauty absolute.  At New Directions we thrive in helping you to create your brand and beauty vision. Therefore it makes sense for us to first seek to understand our relationship with beauty before we stamp our mark on the magic that is this multi billion dollar industry.
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jul 26, 2011
In recent years it has become possible to create high quality elegant and high SPF sun protection products using physical sun blockers actives such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In the short period of time that these products have been available we have come to rely on this 'invisible' protection believing it to be more environmentally responsible, safer (for us than chemical filters) and more natural - a physical barrier rather than a mini-chemical reaction. However, one of the key scientific advancements that made this technology possible has its self come under the microscope as a potential risk to both the environment and our health. What we are talking about are nanoparticles or microscopically tiny little particles which can be as small as one millionth of a millimetre to 100 times that large (which is still very tiny).
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jun 27, 2011
Sure we all know that oil and water aren't the best of friends. We found out the hard way after endless experiments, trials and finger-crossing days. We waited with bated breath and crossed fingers for the inevitable time when our cream became a two-phase disaster again! But happily, those days are behind us now and having mastered the art of making oil and water mix into a beautiful creamy emulsion it is time to turn our attention to how it feels.
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jun 20, 2011
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