Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles lend a feeling of quality and luxury to your brand, and can be individualized by attractive labeling, or if you are seeking a bottle that stands out on a shelf, choose from our selection of beautiful and interestingly shaped bottles.

Round Glass Bottles

This classic shaped bottle, reminiscent of the vintage apocathery style bottles are a good basic design to apply your own unique labels. Amber is the most popular so why not try another colour in this style to give your brand an individual edge.

Nail Polish Bottles

Perfect your application of nail polish with these cute 12ml bottles accompanied with a shiny silver cap and inbuilt brush.

Perfume Bottles

Make your essential oil blends come to life by putting them into these delightful perfume bottles with an inbuilt spray.

Pola Spray Bottles

Roll-On Bottles - Glass

These sweet 15ml bottles are a great choice for rolling on essential oil blends or fragrance. We stock both silver and gold caps.


Our selection of vials that can be married with dabbers, caps or dripolators are the perfect bottles for essential oil blends, or precious blends that require minimum dosage or amounts. Available in clear and amber and different sizes.

Zelo Glass Bottles

Zelo bottles come in a smart and simple cylindrical shape and are a great canvas bottle to apply your own unique labels.