High gloss and high quality, these versatile boxes come in four stylish and handy sizes. They are ideal for a gift or product enhancement and suitable for a variety of retail applications. They come in both gloss laminated and matte laminated.

Deluxe Voucher Boxes

A gift that is exclusive to you and your brand. These fantastic Boxes were inspired by the growing demand of stores and online retailers, handing entitlements to the holder. Whether it be a certificate, token, ticket, form or deed these boxes are essential for presentation. Supply your clients with an experience and allow them to share your brand and company with their family and friends.

Gift Voucher Boxes

When you are receiving something as special as a piece of expensive lingerie, a bag simply doesn't suffice. These foldable lingerie boxes are ideal for such delicate apparel.

Pillow Boxes

The pillow pack offers a sense of luxury with its smooth and soft form, the perfect packaging to enwrap a special gift. Available in both gloss laminated and matte laminated.

Rigid Gift Boxes

These matte or glossy boxes look spectacular and are resilient too. They can be used as gift boxes or as bases to create beautiful embellished boxes as stand-alone gifts. Available in different sizes and styles.