Organic Products

Organic Products

Made With Organic Skincare - COSMOS

COSMOS is a not-for profit organisation formed out of a collaboration between five major European organic and natural certification bodies BDIH - Germany, COSMEBIO - France, Ecocert Greenlife - France, ICEA - Italy, Soil Association - UK. By working together, these five independent certification bodies have created a recognisable and robust cosmetic-product focused certification that both understands and addresses the needs of the market. While the COSMOS brand was developed in Europe it has a global reach and is fast becoming one of the most recognised certification systems in the cosmetic world.

Certified Organic Precious Oil Dilutions

The cost effective way to experience the luxurious properties and sublime aromas of certified organic precious oils. These certified organic precious oils can be used for massage, skincare and beauty applications.

Certified Organic Oil Blends

Our highly effective pre-blended certified oils are ready to use for your convenience. Whether you're seeking a relaxing blend of essential oils to diffuse in an oil burner, or an invigorating massage oil blend for tactile enjoyment, our range of blends cater to both you and your clients needs to enhance body, mind and spirit.

Certified Organic Dried Herbs - ACO 10282P

Certified organic herbs have been grown to contain fewer contaminants than conventionally grown herbs. The quality and efficacy of organic herbs reflect this with their high content of active plant chemicals. They offer a variety of beneficial uses and we highly recommend them to enhance the action of your finished cosmetic product.

Certified Organic Essential Oils - ACO 10282P

Welcome to our world of pure certified organic essential oils. These oils are the quintessence of purity, quality and efficacy. Their sensuous, olfactory and therapeutic benefits have long been extolled and employed by aromatherapists, herbalists, and massage therapists. Their rejuvenating and anti-bacterial properties make them ideal for use in skincare applications.

Organic Floral Waters

Our floral waters are the result of mixing water with fragrant essential oils. A versatile addition to any beauty routine, they can be added to your creams and lotions instead of water, or alternatively employed as an aromatic face or body spritz.

Certified Organic Infused / Macerated Oils

By steeping herbs into carrier oil and applying gentle heat, the profound properties of the herb will be infused into the vegetable oil. The result is an active oil, replete in the nutritive and rejuvenating properties of both the carrier oil and the herb. These delicate oils that are best stored in a cool, dark place and if possible refrigerated.

Certified Organic Raw Materials - ACO 10282P

Create your own certified organic cosmetics and products secure in the knowledge that you are using the purest raw materials available. From aloe vera powder to beeswax and butters, honey and lecithin, these additions to your creations will only enhance.

Certified Organic Skincare Products

Gentle and effective organic skincare bases for you to enjoy safely and confidently. Smoothing face and body cream bases, and protective lip balms.

Certified Organic Vegetable & Carrier Oils

Our 100% pure and cold pressed vegetable and carrier oils are rich in anti-oxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and can be used to moisturize, hydrate, nourish, revitalise and protect the skin. They make an excellent addition to many skincare applications from creams, to massage oils, and are the preferred carrier oils for essential oils. Product listed are either ACO Organic certified or COSMOS Oils.