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Extreme weather requires extreme measures be taken in order to keep skin fresh, smooth and irritation free. Whether it's solar overload, too many dry sand blasting or back-to-back days that were 'dripped through' chances is that your skin needs some help.
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jan 11, 2013
This summer in Australia is proving to be a hot one and as I sat here roasting over Christmas I was reminded of a product that I'd left out on the table to defrost after a couple of freeze/ thaw rounds a couple of months ago. Let's just say that it's not only people who perish from hotness...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jan 07, 2013
Do you know who buys your products in terms of sex, age, location etc.?
Can you paint me a picture of your absolute target customer?
Can you sum up in one sentence what makes your brand or product special?...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jan 07, 2013
When I was younger we spent a couple of holidays in Majorca, Spain which was nice for many reasons, not least that tropical sweet sunscreen aroma - sunscreen in the 80's meant only one thing and that's COCONUTS...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jan 07, 2013
As a business owner or brand manager there are so many things to learn and take in. Feeling overwhelmed is nothing unusual especially these days when the world wide web of misinformation penetrates every waking second. Big decisions...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Oct 19, 2012
Have you ever wondered about what happens to the ingredients that we put onto our skin? Do they pass straight through us, never touching the sides or do they get changed along the way?
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Oct 19, 2012
Over the last few years Decyl Glucoside has become one of my closest surfactant friends and a 'must have' in my cosmetics laboratory. Why, because it ticks all of the boxes in terms of irritation potential, foaming, sustainability and performance...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Sep 06, 2012
As wonderful as natural oils are their beauty doesn't last forever and over time they can become smelly and flat looking. You may have noticed that some seem to suffer this fate more quickly than others and you would be right, it's all to do with the chemistry you see!
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Jul 04, 2012
Have you ever wondered why us cosmetic chemist types insist on putting silk and stuff into your skin creams and hair products? I'm sure that the thought has crossed your mind once or twice but for most of us the association between silk and silky smooth soft skin/ hair says it all but is that really all there is to it?
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Apr 12, 2012
As a business owner you can sometimes find yourself feeling alone, out of your depth and in need of a shoulder to cry/ laugh or just talk openly on about the challenges and triumphs that surround you. Over the last twenty years New Directions have helped thousands of people start up and grow their own personal care brands and related businesses and now that it is your turn we want you to know that we are here to help...
posted by Amanda Foxon-Hill on Mar 09, 2012
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